Alive and Kickin'

Biography :

Tattooed Millionaires are whores with hearts of gold. Like a well worn pair of jeans you slide right in and nothing feels better. They take you back to when summertime mattered, to those hot sultry nights in the backseat of a GTO at the drive in with your best girl. Hard and fast and fun, fun, fun...

Buzzsaw guitars and a pop backbone get your toes tapping but it’s their rawness that gets into that sweet spot and makes ya go uh! Tattooed Millionaires remind you that fun is still the best thing to have. These guys are great at sounding like every glam, trash, sleaze, bubblegum and glitter act that ever adorned a teenage foxes wall, only cooler. Not afraid to take you for a hot ride in a Rock and Roll time machine. Black or White, Young or Old Johnny and his boy’s leave nobody behind because they are still in love with love and not afraid to wear their hearts on their sleeve.

Tattooed Millionaires will never be labeled as the most high brow band on the block, but it’s just this quality that makes them so endearing, And don’t be fooled, they can lay it down. Yes, the rock Gods have spoken and the Tattooed Millionaires are here to stay.

Words by Adam Centofanti

Rock is Alive and Well vol.2

Line up

Johnny Jetson : Vocal, Guitars
RiffRaff Malone : Bass
Johnny Strutt : Drums

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