Alive and Kickin'

Biography :

TANGO PIRATES formed in 2011 by Danny Fury (Rogue Male, The Lords of the New Church, Kill City Dragons, Vain, Sham 69, The Dogs D’amour etc) and Vera Wild (Wild at Heart / Jelly), joined by Dave Tregunna (Sham 69 / The Wanderers / The Lords of the New Church / The Cherry Bombz etc) and Timo Kaltio (Arthur Cane, Cheap and Nasty, Peckham Cowboys etc).

Back on Track EP was recorded in 2011. The launch finally came in 2012 to widely critical acclaim. (Veglam….best new and energetic band to come along in ages!)
A video to Monster In My DNA was filmed and the band toured all over the UK and Scandinavia.

At the end of 2014, Vera Wild (the last original member, apart from Danny Fury) left the band after recording the follow up EP In Transition, which was released in February 2015.
Other members Timo Kaltio and Dave Tregunna already left previously, to pursue other projects.
Danny Fury decided to keep going with a new line up, because he started this band as a vehicle for his songwriting and performing and sees it as a long term mission.
He found a new songwriting partner and guitarist/singer in Jack Flint and the two recorded Tango Pirates 3rd EP  “Danger! Children at play” released in spring 2016.
Dave Tregunna joined the recording session, guesting on Bass.

Danny and Jack will perform as a duo at live shows until the perfect rhythm section is found again. Tango Pirates are currently working on a video and playing gigs in the UK again. Touring in Europe is the plan for 2016, as well as writing and recording new music. The band has recently signed to the BB HELLS records and is currently looking to work with a good Booking Agency to build up a long term relation ship in order to support their company's efforts with touring all over Europe and the UK. Serious Management offers will also be taken into consideration.

Line up

Danny Fury : Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Drums
Jack Flint : Lead Guitar

Medicine Ball Caravan "Keep Goin' Til the Next Stop"
V/A "Rock is Alive and Well vol.2"
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