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V/A  -  Rock is Alive and Well vol.2

Description :

Rock is dead !
Don't listen to old grumpy rockers, we have heard this refrain for decades now. Rock ain't dead they are just too old and have forgotten their dreams and how to write a good song. And sometimes even turn into their own tribute act (at best!).

There’s plenty of rock n’ roll bands ready to prove them wrong, some are new comers others already veterans. And when you will listen to these compilations* you will hear 10 of them ready to prove Rock is Alive and Well.

Alive and Kickin’ want to make every group involved looking good so the compilations will feature only 5 bands showcasing 2 songs each.
Cause let’s face it, can you really figure out what a band is about with only one song sunk under the quantity of the tracks contained on most compilations, especially since the CD age ? And consider this treatment like enjoying a series of cool 7inch vinyl records !
But don’t stop here and go check further the bands discographies and support them.

The compilation is featuring :
Creem Circus (Philadelphia, USA) ; Tango Pirates (London, England) ; The Nasty Things (New York, USA) ; Tattooed Millionaires (Minneapolis, USA) ; Mink Daggers (Long Beach, USA)

It is not the future of rock n roll, it's here and now !

                                                                                                                          (*) Rock is Alive and Well vol. 1 & 2

Rock is Alive and Well vol.1
Rock is Alive and Well vol.2

Release date : July 19, 2016
Format : Digital
Genre : Classic Rock
Catalogue number : AaK4
Available on : CDbaby, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon MP3, Apple music, YouTube, Shazam, Rhapsody, Googleplay, Tidal, 8 tracks, IHeart radio, 24/7 Tradebit, Groove, Mix radio, Medianet, EMusic, 7digital, and Greatindiemusic