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Biography :

Formed in Paris, FRANCE in 2007 as a four-piece, Medicine Ball Caravan have released their first album ‘Crossing the Seas ...Spreading the Sins’ in 2008 on Longfellow Deeds records (Thunder Express, Paperback Freud, Dollhouse, Rite, Honcho, Baby Woodrose...).
After a few changes on bass, the band ultimately decided that Matt (vocals) should stick to it and remain as a trio.
In 2009 Jay decided to return to the USA his home country so Medicine Ball Caravan managed to record its second album a couple of days before its departure.
Despite the fact that Matt and Rod (guitar) keep going with the band, they ultimately call it quits several months later leaving the album unfinished.
But recently Matt decided to complete it with the help of a few friends performing harp, keyboards and percussion on several songs. One of these guest musicians, Danny Fury, is well known by the Rock music lovers as a former member of The Lords of the New Church, Kill City Dragons, Vain and currently playing in Tango Pirates.

6 years after Medicine Ball Caravan’s split their unreleased 2nd album ‘Keep Goin’ Til the Next Stop’ is finally available via Alive and Kickin’.
Their first album is now also available for the first time in Digital format on platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Shazam, Amazon....

Formerly Matt were in Low Vibes and Caldera. Jay also played with Jeff Broadnax (24/7 Spy)

Medicine Ball Caravan "Crossing the Seas ...Spreading the Sins"
V/A "Rock is Alive and Well vol.1"
Medicine Ball Caravan "Keep Goin' Til The Next Stop"
Smacked!  a tribute to Ilarai "Claude" Peltola
Low Vibes "Time Capsule"
Low Vibes "Psychic Travel"