Alive and Kickin'

Medicine Ball Caravan -

Crossing the Seas ...Spreading the Sins

Description :

6 years after Medicine Ball Caravan’s split their first album ‘Crossing the Seas …Spreading the Sins’ is finally available via Alive and Kickin’.

Recorded a few months after the band was formed it captures the very essence of these early days. Raw, full of enthusiasm and expectations, the record provides what every rock album from a young band should.

The album is featuring 10 songs, including 9 originals and a cover of Circus of Power classic ‘Call of the Wild’. This track has then been included in the tribute compilation Working the Machine, produced by the C.O.P website.

Crossing the Seas ...Spreading the Sins’ was initially released in 2008 on Longfellow Deeds records (Thunder Express, Paperback Freud, Dollhouse, Rite, Honcho, Baby Woodrose...) but never been available in Digital format so far.

Formed in Paris, FRANCE in 2007 and disbanded in 2010, Medicine Ball Caravan have also recorded an E.P. 'Until Next Time…' and a second album 'Keep Goin' Til the Next Stop', released digitallly.

The original Longfellow Deeds CD pressing is also available at the store

Medicine Ball Caravan "Crossing the Seas..."
Low Vibes "Psychic Travel"

1. We Have Come for Your Daughters (intro)

2. Tattooed Heart

3. Crack a Smile

4. Call of the Wild (Circus of Power cover)

5. Only 4 U

6. Good times / Bad Times

7. New Girl in Town

8. Rattlesnake Bite

9. Put the Record On

10. We Have Come for Your Daughters (outro)

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Medicine Ball Caravan  "Crossing the Seas ...Spreading the Sins"

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Release date : June 7, 2016
Format : Digital
Genre : 70s Hard Rock N Roll
Catalogue number : AaK2
Available on : CDbaby, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon MP3, Apple music, YouTube, Shazam, Rhapsody, Googleplay, Tidal, 8 tracks, IHeart radio, 24/7 Tradebit, Groove, Mix radio, Medianet, EMusic, 7digital, and Greatindiemusic

Medicine Ball Caravan "Crossing the Seas..."
Hired Guns "The Smacked! Session"