Alive and Kickin'

Biography :

Do you know who "your favorite band's favorite band" is? It's probably the most glamtastic band to come out since BOWIE wiped the lighting bolt off his face. They are from Philadelphia, PA and Creem Circus is what they call themselves (after their two favorite 70's rock magazines, of course...but you knew that)!
Hear them and you will hear original tunes with riffs and choruses that rocket you back to 1974. See them and you will be blinded by the sequins glued to the sides of their homemade platform shoes and glitter bug-eyed glasses. Meet them and you will feel the inexplicable urge to run away with the Circus ! The Creem Circus !!

But there's more!
Guitarist Jim Cara and Chris DiPinto have their own guitar companies and have made guitars for many rock legends including Gene Simons, Ace Frehley, Cheap Trick, The Cars, The White Stripes and even the late, great king of glam rock himself David Bowie ! If you missed the glam rock train on its first trip round, don't worry, it's making another stop in your town...and it's call the Creem Circus !

Discography on Alive and Kickin' :
V/A  "Rock is Alive and Well vol.2"

Rock is Alive and Well vol.2
Creem Circus