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About  AaK

Alive and Kickin' is not your regular record label. Right now only digital releases have been made but 2017 should witness actual CD and Vinyl being unleashed in the wild world.  Merchandising will also be manufactured.

But what makes Alive and Kickin' different is that we want to be a collaborative record label as well ! More like a partnership between the artist and the label. Several 'ready-made' option will be offered in a near future.

So stay tuned !





The marketplace dedicated to the Rock music culture (books, jewels, clothes, movies, CD...)


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Support, consulting and technical assistance (CD, poster, flyer...)


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A rock music lover since a very tender age, turned musician when teenager and at the end of the 90s runned Water Dragons records the first French stoner rock label (Sparzanza, Honcho, Rite, Low Vibes, Rollerball, Grand Magus, Abdullah, Ufomammut...)

Been in band such as One-Track Process, Low Vibes, Caldera, Medicine Ball Caravan, Go Tiger, Go !

Blogger on isthemusicloudenough

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You'd like to get your music exposed on major platforms but don't want to get through the hassle to get it done ? Have an European Mailorder spot ?

Get in touch, AaK can be your digital distributor ! View our offer here.

AaK will continue to produce quality digital compilations showcasing different genre in Rock music. You can submit your band for a future addition to one of them. Just remember that if you are one of the chosen ones you should provide 2 studio tracks ! Fill the contact form with links to your music and wait for our answer.

Want to start a partnership ? Get in touch and let discuss what we can do together to get the world domination begins !