Alive and Kickin'

Low Vibes - Time Capsule

Description :

Alive and Kickin' is releasing 2 tracks recorded in January 2001 by the Heavy Psychedelic Groove rockers Low Vibes. Both songs were already known by LV followers since "Orange Blackbox" original version appeared on the EP In the midst of a drama (Water Dragons records) and "Anyway" original version on Coming Down to the Velvet Lodge (Water Dragons records, split CD with Space Patrol).


"I think we really nailed what the band was about with Orange Blackbox. If you listen to our first demo there's an indie pop feel in the songs. Dark and a bit gloomy but not as heavy as I wanted to be. This song really captures what we wanted to sound like. It was our signature song in a way."(Matt, bass & vocals)


Because they were selected to be part of the compilation "The Mighty Desert Avengers" on People Like You records the band went into the studio to cut a couple of tracks. Anyway was the one picked for the comp' and Orange Blackbox remained officially unreleased until now. Both songs have been enhanced and remastered prior to the digital release.

Unreleased material will be released in 2017 on Alive and Kickin'

Low Vibes "Time Capsule"

1. Orange Blackbox

2. Anyway

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Release date : Oct. 4, 2016
Format : Digital
Genre : 70s Psychedelic Groove Rockl
Catalogue number : AaK6
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