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Eduardo Martinez & The Thunderclouds  -  Hyena Planet Bites On You

Description :

Rock is Alive and Well vol.1
Smacked! a tribute to Ilari "Claude" Peltola

Release date : Spring 2017
Format : CD (digisleeve) & Digital
Genre : Classic Rock
Catalogue number : AaK8
Available on : CDbaby, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon MP3, Apple music, YouTube, Shazam, Rhapsody, Googleplay, Tidal, 8 tracks, IHeart radio, 24/7 Tradebit, Groove, Mix radio, Medianet, EMusic, 7digital, and Greatindiemusic

Tracklisting :

1. No Peace On Earth
2. Skin Alley
3. Good Morning Headache
4. Cemetary Walls
5. Through the Glass
6. Roses Have Faded
7. So High the Moon
8. Wide Awake
9. Crazy Diamonds
10. Machine Gun Stoneage
11. The Beast Within (edit version)
12. Gone Blue Baby Forever (bonus track)

12 years ago Eduardo Martinez (The Flaming Sideburns) and Joe Klenner (Corazones Muertos) decided to record a few Smack and The Fishfaces songs to pay tribute to the late Ilari "Claude" Peltoia that passed away few years before. It ended as a full lenght album recorded in Argentina, their home country.

Out of print and quite difficult to find, it will be re-relased at the same time than the new tribute album produced by Alive and Kickin' : 'Smacked!, a tribute to Ilari "Claude" Peltola'.

With updated tracklisting, artwork and liner notes, the new edition will be available in CD digisleeve.

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