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Biography :

Gypsy Roller is Gil Soliz, Lyricist & Lead Vocalist, and whoever is on board for the current Gypsy-ride album of the moment.
They officially released their first full-length album titled "Champagne & Rock 'n Roll" on the Spanish rock 'n roll label, Sunthunder Records, and is close to releasing its second self-titled album on French label, Alive and Kickin'.  This album is a full-blown glitter-esque, Rodney's English Disco wet dream which was all co-written with Gil's producer/engineer song-writing partner, Allen Davis
Both albums are currently available in digital format on iTunes, plus the second album will soon be released in a digisleeve format available through Alive and Kickin' website. (

Also on the horizon for Gypsy Roller is a punk-rock 'n roll duet covers recording with the legendary, Gen Genocide, from the Pacific Northwest in the USA. 

Gypsy Roller also has three digital compilations for your listening pleasure on Bandcamp and Soundcloud websites of Gil's previous three bands, The Fringe, The Strand, and Champagne Cowboys, titled "King of the Gypsy's, Volumes I, 2 and 3".


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