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Biography :

12 years ago Eduardo Martinez (The Flaming Sideburns) and Joe Klenner (Corazones Muertos) decided to record a few Smack and The Fishfaces songs to pay tribute to the late Ilari "Claude" Peltoia that passed away few years before. It ended as a full lenght album recorded in Argentina, their home country.

A one-of project more than a proper band but they deliver one hell of an album, soon to be availbale again in Digifile including updated artwork and liner notes as well as revised tracklisting with a bonus track featuring Juha Metsola, The Fishfaces guitar wizard that also passed way a few years ago.

The band will also be featured on owned AaK tribute album to Claude : Smacked! with the track "I Want You".

Discography on Alive and Kickin' :
Eduardo Martinez & The Thunderclouds  "Hyena Planet Bites On You"

V/A  "Smacked! - A tribute to Claude"

Hyena Planet Bites On You
Smacked!  A tribute to Claude