Alive and Kickin'
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Digital distribution - option 1 (basic)

- Have a look at the check-list below, create a zip file with all the required material and post it on dropbox, mediafire or any similar service.

- Fill the form below, submit it and then send your payment via paypal at info(at)

- You're done ! Our turn now.

Keep in mind that an incomplete submission will postpone the handling of your request. We won't start the distribution process until its fixed.


Thank you for your partnership !

25€ for a Single / 100€ for an EP or LP

Check-list :

- Audio files of the item in wav. or FLAC format (44.1 kHz sample rate, 16bit)

- Hi-Res cover art (300dp JPG)

- Band picture (300dpi, JPG)

- Band logo (300dpi, JPG or PNG or PSD)

- Biography 

- Related web links

- Submission form (download it here)

- Signed Distribution terms (download, print, sign and scan them in one PDF file)