Alive and Kickin'

Biography :

Earlier this century something happened with the Argentinian rock scene: a bunch of guys with guitars and stone hearts joined forces and released the first record of Corazones Muertos, one of the bands that would become reference to NY Dolls fans, Ramones, Hanoi Rocks, Sex Pistols, Dead Boys and Johnny Thunders And The Heartbreakers. More than a decade after and five albums released there, JOE KLENNER, guitarist, singer and creator of the band, now eradicated in Brazil, has revived CORAZONES MUERTOS with a classy team.

In 2013 they had to play several shows with the new line up, including being the support band for Mickey Leigh (Joey ramones’brother), guests of the Yellow Cow Festival in Goiás (where they played with Black Drawing Chalks, Hellbenders) and being the guest band at the release party of Lenny Kravitz's glasses line in the Chilli Beans Flagship Store.

In 2014 the band released the live album "Alive From The Graveyard" by the label CRASS Records. Besides playing shows with bands like CJ RAMONE and DAVE EVANS (first singer of ACDC), the CORAZONES MUERTOS launches a videoclip in partnership with Cavalera, directed by Raul Machado (Director of the iconic video for "Maracatu Atomic "from Chico Science & Zombie Nation, as well as directed works of artists like Planet Hemp, Raimundos, Pitty, among others). The launch party for the video had as guests of the band: Mickey Leigh (in new exclusive trip to Brazil) & Supla.

From 2015 to the present, the band continues to promote themselves with 3 releases in the same year. The first two volumes, being a series of singles: London Sessions and New York Sessions, with classic English punk and new yorker respectively, and the split vinyl 7-inch partnership with OVERFUZZ band Goiania, entitled "Split It Up!" The team also has now in its formation JEFF MOLINA on drums (Daniel Belleza & Corações em Fúria), ARTHUR COCEV (Bass), and CADU PELEGRINI (Kiara Rocks vocal) on guitar. The promotional tour for 2016 had several shows in Brazil and Latin America, including 10 shows in Argentina, where the band returns on stage after a decade of absence.

At the end of August they released the single “Death & Glory”, that won a video and a CD with 3 tracks, one of them exclusive, promoting their forthcoming album that will see the light at the end of February 2017.

Closing the year Corazones Muertos was invited to participate with a song in the film “Sad Vacation: The last days of Sid & Nancy” from the director Danny Garcia (Looking for Johnny) and they will also participate on the forthcoming album “Smacked”, a tribute record to celebrate the memory of Claude, the lead singer from the bands Smack and The Fishfaces from Finland, that will be released by the Alive & Kickin´ label from France.

Discography on Alive and Kickin' :

V/A  "Smacked!  A tribute to Claude"

Eduardo Martinez & The Thunderclouds "Hyena Planet Bites On You"

Smacked!  A tribute to Claude

Line up

Joe Klenner: Guitars, Vocals, Piano
Cadu Pelegrini: Guitars, Vocals
Arthur Cocev: Bass, B.Vocals
Jeff Molina: Drums, Percussion

Eduardo Martinez & The Thunderclouds "Hyena Planet Bites On You"
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